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What is SPA?

SPA is love toward yourself, luxury and bliss. SPA is style of relaxation. SPA procedures will bring you health, will wipe out the stress, will fill you with energy, especially when they are combined with massage, sport and meditation. The conception of SPA arises from the name of the Belgian town Spa, where the first water “resort” was founded already during the period of the Roman Empire. It gradually turned into the abbreviation SPA (Sanus Pro Aqua – health through water), and today is the name of a whole cosmetic branch. Discover the most magnificent way to fill with health and energy.

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Package Services

For children discount 10%. Bulgarian currency 1 leva ≈ € 0.50

Immune-stimulating Program

Duration – 7 days | 260 leva

The program is suitable for implementation during the transitional seasons, as well as for chronic weaken immunity on the base of  permanent stress. It is also applicable for people with chronic asthma as it increases the period of remissions. The program includes:

  • Aromatherapy and ethereal-oil massage » more
    is based on the influence of the ethereal oils. The essential oils have various ways of usage and the most common are: massage, inhalations and baths. They act upon three different levels – psychical, somatic and energy and influence nervousness-exciting processes and hormonal balance. The essential oils are perfect balance agents for the energy structures of the human body.
    The ethereal-oil massage
    is a compilation between massage techniques and the power of essential oils. The massage effect increases repeatedly when it is made with the help of ethereal-oil mixtures. The professional massage combined with correct essential-oil mixture could bring incredible results. It decreases the stress level, improves the quality of sleep and normalizes the communication in the social environment. The overall duration of the ethereal-oil massage is 50 minutes while for elderly people and children under 15 it should not exceed 40-45 minutes.
  • Sayongi massage » more
    Saionji massage or the Yumeiho therapy
    Saionji massage or the Yumeiho therapy is a Japanese therapy which uses special massage and mobilization techniques. The therapy includes right setting of bones of the pelvic joints, correction of the spinal column as it heals all the resulting diseases from these problems. The Japanese massage is used for more than 190 disease symptoms. Saionji massage or the Yumeiho therapy influences: the function of the inner organs, muscles, inflamed joints and reduces the pain, regenerates the cells and thus strengthens the nails, smooths out the wrinkles and improves the skin elasticity, improves the overall body tone, leads to overweight loss and resolution of the rigid formations.
    » Web site
  • Chinese Gymnastics » more
    is a unique system of exercises that heals at the same time the physical, psychical, emotional and spiritual body. With the help of Thai-Dzi you can increase your energy level, improve your health, slow down the processes of aging, develop yourself as a creative individual and reduce the stress impact.
  • Dzien-Kan-Dao - Way to health » more
    is a preventive-therapeutical, balancing system that includes elements from the aroma-therapeutical massage, Thai-stretching massage and manual therapy with accent on Yumeyho /special Eastern massage/, as well as some specific techniques from the classic rehabilitation.
  • Therapy with honey » more
    The honey
    has the incredible virtue to purify the organism from toxins accumulated during the years. It is a powerful antioxidant. When used with specific massage techniques it leads to opening and clearing of the skin pores as well as dragging out of the toxins. The honey massage allows the skin to breathe and function normally. The skin becomes clean and fresh.
  • Anti-celullitis therapy » more
    This therapy improves
    the skin elasticity and strength, recruits the optimal water balance and removes skin looseness. It refreshes and tightens both muscles and skin.
  • Haidouk therapy
  • Swedish passive kinesitherapy

Rejuvenating-vitalizing Program Arcon

Duration 7 days | 320 leva

The program stimulates the self-restoration potential of the body. It deprives the tissue tumefactions and toxic accumulations, balances the metabolic processes, builds up durable reflector stimulus and bio-vitalizing depots. The program increases the quality of life and delays the processes of aging.

Mobilising  Program /reducing the overweight/

Duration – 7 days | 320 leva

The program activates the fatty exchange and metabolism. The effect is stabilized with the help of Chinese Gymnastic that engages the patient stereotypically even after the end of the program. The specific influence is determined by the herb and ethereal-oil composition, included in the Dzien-Kan procedure. The program is recommended twice a year.
It includes:

  • Dzien-Kan-Dao (4 procedures),
  • sauna (procedures),
  • jacuzzi (3 procedures),
  • Chinese Gymnastics (thai-dzi-ci-gun)
    and a terrain treatment (eco-path) – 7 procedures.

Anti-stress Bioprogram

Duration – 3 days | 130 leva

The program gives balance to the nervousness and  agitation processes, it eliminates the emotional inhibitions, detoxications and extension of the nervous-humoral adaptation processes.
The program includes:

  • jacuzzi (3 procedures),
  • Chinese Gymnastics (3 procedures),
  • aromatherapy (complete, 2 procedures),
  • honey-massage (1 procedure).

Anti-celullitis Program

Duration – 5 days | 320 leva

The program includes:

  • anti-celullitis massage (5 procedures),
  • jacuzzi (5 procedures),
  • sauna (3 procedures),
  • honey-massage (3 procedures),
  • Sayongi massage (2 procedures),
  • Chinese Gymnastics (5 procedures).

Balance of the Locomotory system

Duration – 7 days

The program removes the functional blockades and chronic lack of movement of the joints by improving their mobility and feed. It balances the tone of the soft tissues (muscles, joint ligaments, capsule and tendons) by prevention and treatment of chronic and acute joint disorders. It normalizes the centre of gravity and the pressure of the spinal column. The program is applicable to different forms of spinal-column bending in youth. It includes:

  • Chinese Gymnastics and eco-path (7 procedures),
  • Sayongi massage (4 procedures),
  • Dzien-Kan-Dao  (way of health – 3 procedures),
  • jacuzzi (3 procedures).

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Additional services:

  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Internet
  • Tennis court
  • Horseback riding
  • Tourist guide services
  • Rent-a-Bicycle
  • Rent-s-Car

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